Gayot: Modernizing Copy to Attract  Upscale Travelers to Featured Hotel Brands

Business Challenge

Not only was Gayot’s website interface outdated, but so were its hotel and hospitality venue descriptions. But, it wasn’t simply a matter of updating the esteemed travel site’s copy; it needed to attract search traffic that was going elsewhere.

That meant not merely beautifully-worded entries but SEO-friendly listings that search enginesand end userswould love. Moreover, using SEO tactics that work for more modern websites was vital because the site was about to undergo an extensive redesign and rebuild. SEO and SERP had not been a focus of by brand in previous updates because, until around 2011 it was not required by a brand that got launched in 1969.


I combined my hospitality industry business acumen and luxury marketing fluency with my love of upscale travel and years of traveling to better hotels and B&Bs. I added my experience with luxury event properties and restaurants to create experiential content that still had a “visitor-first perspective.”

I asked, “What is it visitors who are searching to book hotel stays or plan meetings, family events or vacations hope to find on travel sites they don’t typically?” With that in mind, I helped the site update its Washington, DC area listings from Old National Harbor to Virginia’s horse country. That included B&Bs, the area’s local boutique, and international hotel brands as well as historical and contemporary event locales.

I took the extra step of speaking to current managers at hospitality properties to learn unique aspects of the guest’s experience that weren’t on most travel websites. This approach took more time than solely visiting hotel and event location websites to see what had changed since the Gayot’s last update and editing content with that data. My goal was to get visitors to the site to contact the venue to schedule stays, events or business meetings.


Gayot got polished, unique listings that only appeared on their site at the time they got created. When Gayot rebuilt its website, the brand had unique entries that I’d either created entirely or substantially rewritten.

In the interest of meeting the client’s deadline, I got limited to making simple edits to other entries to ensure their accuracy but still tried to make them better suited for the rebranded website.

This work led to my getting additional copywriting work for GuestHook and Eucalyptus Creative as well as editorial content luxury lifestyle writing and content strategy work with Hertz. Doing both which requires me to know the fundamental differences between copywriting and content writing.

With Hertz, I researched, developed, sourced, and interviewed experts for the posts I wrote for the multinational car rental brand and travel site’s new blog. I applied specific brand strategy from Hertz to content creation.

I feature Gayot and Hertz work below. (Please keep in mind content from larger corporate brands tends to be heavily edited.)


Gayot: Copywriting


Hertz: Editorial Content Writing

Work With Me

If you’d like me to bring my copywriting, editorial content writing and strategic expertise in experiential content communications to your luxury hospitality property marketing programs, please contact me today. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”