An award-winning business and finance journalist nearing completion of my master’s degree in corporate communications from Georgetown University, I’ve long been a strategic editorial content consultant. 

Readily collaborating with corporate communications professionals, I’ve specialized in helping them develop editorial content their audiences are searching for and will keep them coming back for more. I’ve provided my editorial content writing services to thriving financial services brands, and digital and content marketing agencies.

I also still do some traditional journalism work for select national media outlets and trade publications. When I am contracted to produce B2B editorial content, I do so both within my niches skillfully.

But, I now do so for a highly-select handful of senior executives in leadership roles in middle-market and above wealth industry enterprises.

My Domain Expertise

As these projects show, I maintain domain expertise the financial services and wealth industry I’ve developed over 20 years. I’ve honed my communications capabilities through my master’s education.

In the past few years, I’ve focused on working with large multinational investment banks and middle-market firms, wealth management practices, and industry consultancies.

I’ve consulted with senior executives in those firms to construct messaging strategies that facilitate their entry into new markets or that grow their reach in current ones. 

That’s led to robust external communications focusing on enhancing relationships with their senior executive, wealth management firm advisor or institutional asset management leader clients.

What is Changing

While I’ve enjoyed my years producing external communications and will still do so for specific consumer audiences, I’ve developed a passion for and expertise in internal and change management communications in the past two years.

That has evolved both from working with clients in wealth industry institutions targeting mass affluent, high net worth and ultra-high net worth audiences and focusing on these areas in my graduate courses at Georgetown.  

My graduate program is an applied rather than a theoretical one, meaning I use what I learn from the faculty in real-world senior communications leadership positions in my work the day after class. 

So, I’ve used my expanding knowledge to create internal communications editorial content about employee experience, diversity & inclusion, corporate change strategy, cultural transformation and enterprise operations related to cultural shifts.

Going forward, that is the direction I’m taking with my enterprise—offering strategic communications consulting services in these domains rather than straight content production. I now offer corporate communications advisory support to financial services and wealth industry clients undertaking cultural transformations to create the workforce of the future.

They can leverage my professional messaging proficiency to develop strategies for producing messaging that facilitates that corporate change.

Let’s Work Together

After reviewing my projects, you can see my resume, and services to see how I can best partner with you to achieve your editorial content communications objectives.

Then, reach out to me to schedule a complimentary 15-minute introductory call to discuss your corporate communications needs, digital messaging strategy or editorial content project.* You can learn about what to expect during that call by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”

I look forward to hearing from and potentially working with you.

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(* I reserve the right to decline any project of any type for any reason with no explanation. See my full portfolio, which includes my B2C content projects, here.)