I bring 20 years of both professional editorial writing and content communications experience to your mission-critical corporate communications projects. I offer the proven abilities reflected in my extensive portfolio of writing for top brands as well as my expertise in providing digital corporate communications strategic assistance to exceptional organizations. That professional experience started with my undergraduate education.

Always having a fascination for learning new concepts and strategies, to develop skills in using the then ‘new’ world wide web which I knew was the communications tool of the future, I began executing online marketing campaigns for student events in college in the fall of 1991. I continued using the internet to conduct marketing activities throughout college, and during internships at Wellesley College where I earned my undergraduate degree.

In 1997, I started using what I learned in those college years to engage in online marketing strategy and early digital publicity tactics for my own and other enterprises. I began guest posting on AOL’s Business Know-How in 1998, on other websites and in nascent e-newsletters and answering business questions in chat rooms and web forums and on listservs.

Guest posting led to early online journalism opportunities and made me an international journalist by 1999 when my first ever blog post series, “It’s the Service After the Sale,” went what we call “viral” now. I also built my first professional website and “blog” in 1998 where I used autoresponders to serve content to readers.

I began developing messaging and the strategic execution of that content across digital platforms for business websites professionally that year, too. I’ve been doing this work ever since, and I’ve never stopped learning how to make content experiences for my client’s target audiences better based on the latest tools, tactics, and technology.

Currently, I’m pursuing a Master’s Degree at top 20-ranked nationally Georgetown University in its multiple award-winning Public Relations and Corporate Communications program. I’m focusing on digital corporate communications and gaining more confidence than ever before in what I’ve learned in the past 20 years while watching my expertise grow exponentially as I complete coursework in this applied program.

Let’s talk about how I can bring my years-long passion for next-level digital messaging strategies and engaging editorial content to your communications marketing project. Contact me today for your complimentary, no obligation 15-minute introductory call. I look forward to learning about your needs and, perhaps bringing my passion and expertise to your brand to help make your messaging exceptional.