More Than “Just a Writer”

My skills aren’t limited to writing and corporate messaging for thriving financial and wealth industry brands. That’s important because, in today’s business-driven, “digital first” marketing world, you want your communications advisor not only to understand your audiences but also to have marketing fluency and business acumen.

We should have robust digital marketing skills and branding expertise, primarily as they relate to content marketing. We also should understand business imperatives like revenue targets, regulatory constraints, and c-suite pressures. As a long time communications professional working in highly-regulated industries, I think with both sides of my brain—I’m as logical as I am creative.

Evident business acumen that informs our grasp how your brand’s communications strategy must help you meet overall business objectives is a requirement for today’s corporate communications professionals. You want to see professional proof of our work experience or deliverables.

But you also want a professional business communications consultant capable of providing compelling insights that resonate with the c-suite. They need to be relevant to your brand and specific business objectives but objective enough to consider the competitive and regulatory environment where you operate.

Because of my professional experience and educational background—I’m pursuing a graduate degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Georgetown University and have an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Wellesley College—I’m confident I offer that essential skill set and more.

Expertise That Brings Results

Your clients invest significantly enough in your products or services that they expect you to do the same when it comes to presenting them informative, useful content—and they can tell when you have not. That can harm your credibility and their trust in your brand or publication. So, you want to hire the best strategic content writers or journalists available because the return on investment in them is significant. I’m considered one of them.

I have an extensive background in overall digital marketing, and I’ve developed significant business acumen since winning an award for sales as a young life and health insurance agent in the late 80s. 

Thus, I can deliver all types of targeted corporate messaging and written content for digital channels that integrate effectively into your offline marketing initiatives, like press content as well as editorially and educationally focused native advertising, sponsored content and custom publications.

I am particularly adept at writing about institutional and personal finance (including small business and retail banking), business operations.

All the messaging I produce is of highest professional quality and unique to you and your organization, speaking to your audiences in your distinct brand voice. It is not the “us too” communications that are available from lower-quality (and cost) content mills.

Such content that is either poor quality or remarkably like everyone else’s and gives your readers and customers no reason to see the brand value you offer over your competitors. It also degrades your authority in search and on social platforms. It is work that benefits neither your brand or mine and which I routinely decline.

Committed Strategic Communicator

As a versatile corporate communications professional and strategic content writer with many years of experience, I can offer a variety of business corporate messaging and content writing services to thriving—high growth or established—service sector enterprises primarily in the wealth management and financial services industries. I’m a highly capable strategic communications professional who’s particularly adept at providing customized messaging planning and execution solutions in:

  • Internal Communications & Employee Experience
  • Corporate Cultural Change Management
  • Company Restructuring (Small Acquisitions or Divestitures)
  • Post-Crisis Reputation Restructuring
  • Equitable Diversity & Inclusion Messaging Strategy
  • Multicultural Engagement
  • Investor Relations
  • Financial Communications
  • Business Acceleration for Wealth Managers

Below, I’ve also provided an overview of my strategic content writing services for busy marketing professionals or editors to show how my services fit into your content communications or editorial strategy and your 360-degree marketing plan. My strategic written content is designed to connect with, be compelling for and convert your audience engagement into your ideal brand relationships. My offerings include:

  • Website content writing
  • Executive bios
  • Blog post or other editorial content writing
  • Email marketing campaign writing
  • Content for RFIs, proposals, and annual reports
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Annual Reports
  • Thought leader ghostwriting and op-ed writing
  • White papers, case studies, and ebooks
  • Newsletter and custom publication content

Digital is My Focus and Passion

I am a business professional, corporate communications advisor, strategic content writer, and journalist and I cut my chops in the early days of professional digital content. I committed to this platform for conveying messages when other professionals were telling me “the internet is a fad; print will never die.” In 1998, recognizing the power of social sharing online, I used what is now called social media as a tool to become an internationally-published journalist in a year.

Today, whether it’s communications strategy or writing content about marketing or money, corporate finance or executive leadership, I’ve done it for 20 years as a digital and print journalist and digital content marketer. I offer engagement-generating, audience-focused digital communications strategic assistance focused on:

  • Omni-Channel Digital Communications
  • Internal and External Digital Transformation
  • Cross-Platform Social Media Communications
  • Editorial Content Communications
  • Digital Branding & Experiential Communications

Now, you can leverage my unique set of digital messaging and writing skills to benefit your organization.

How We Get Started

To get a more in-depth understanding of my expertise and experience, please review my offerings and credentials using these links below. You also can access additional information using the menu above for an even broader overview of my professional and educational background.

My Resume | Recent Work | Services Overview | For Content Marketing and Digital Agencies | For Financial Services Brands  What I Don’t Offer

I’m confident after you review my services and credentials, you’ll be convinced that I am an ideal communications consultant to collaborate with you to help your organization provide excellent content marketing experiences for your target audience.

Once you are, contact me about your project or assignment, being sure to ask me about anything you don’t see here. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.” I look forward to hearing from and, perhaps, working with you.