Fitting Where the Need Exists

As a busy corporate executive, marketing professional, news editor, brand or blog editor, you want to choose a professional strategic content writer quickly. You want one like me with a strong track record in journalism and content writing for marketing programs. 

You also may want someone who can help you think through how you want your content messaging to work and drive engagement. Or, maybe you’re even looking to contract with a full-service digital corporate communications consultant to complement your internal marketing team or a full-service content marketing consultant you’ve hired.

Whether it’s specialized, add-on services of a strategic content writer whose passion you need for your projects or more comprehensive services, I can fit in where you need me. 

Because finding the right complementary services can be challenging in a crowded marketplace, filling that talent gap where I provide the most value to my clients. They know by contracting with me, they are getting a communications professional whose experience proves I have top-notch expertise. I also provide strategic content writing or overall messaging services that most benefit your company or publication at competitive investment.

What I Offer

My passion and the highest benefit I bring to any organization is messaging that helps them meet their business objectives. Most often, it’s writing clean, ready-to-publish content that builds relevance, reach, and relationships. In some cases, I provide strategic assistance with developing engagement-generating messaging programs. 

As a business professional with expertise in communications, I’m bilingual: I speak both “business” and “messaging.” I recognize content communications must support you in achieving your strategic business goals as well as marketing objectives.

My primary target industry is financial services, including real estate and I focus on wealth and personal finance management communications. But, I’ve developed expertise across multiple service business domains. So I’m a strategic professional messaging consultant who can create communications-focused content that will fit into your 360-content marketing plan. 

I bring my expertise as an award-winning, long-time journalist and professional communicator to thriving—high growth or established—publications, financial services brands, content or digital marketing agencies or small companies. Below is an overview of my areas of specialty.

Corporate Communications Consulting

Consistent with the Georgetown University Master’s degree in Corporate Communications I’m pursuing, I specialize in external and internal communications for affluent and wealth-focused stakeholders in the institutional finance industry with emphasis on wealth and asset management firms.

I’ve developed expertise in Investor Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity and Inclusion messaging and I’m adept at working with and interviewing key executive leaders as well as fund managers and wealth management advisors.

Emphasizing development of measurable, brand-consistent communications content, I offer full-scale strategic assistance with creating or augmenting engagement-generating communications plans. Using strategic communications frameworks like Georgetown’s RACE or yours, I’m able to take content communications strategy from concept to completion and beyond to evaluation and revision for more effectiveness. I’m a capable strategic communications professional who’s particularly adept at providing customized solutions in:

  • Internal Communications & Employee Experience
  • Corporate Cultural Change Management
  • Post-Crisis Reputation Restructuring
  • Diversity & Inclusion Messaging Strategy
  • Multicultural Engagement
  • Investor Relations
  • Financial Communications
  • Business Acceleration for Wealth Managers

Content Writing Services

With 20 years of professional writing experience, I can offer expert content writing services in a variety of forms, including: 

  • Original content writingwhite papers, case studies, ebooks, guides
  • Journalism—short or feature-length service pieces
  • Blog posts—brief or reported posts
  • Ghostwriting—non-bylined blog content or thought-leadership
  • Press content writing*—for digital audiences
  • Infographic and visual content text—creative direction or assigned text
  • Social media text—platform and communications plan-specific messaging

An expert researcher, I have written on a variety of topics including upscale travel and lifestyle related to wealth enjoyment. But, my niches are:

  • Wealth and Personal Finance Management
  • Commercial and Personal Finance
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Business Operations and Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Corporate Culture Change Management

I also can provide content writing services to the hospitality industry, specifically larger hotels and websites that market them to affluent guests. See more details about my niches under What I Can Provide for You.

Content Marketing Expertise

While my focus is editorial or communications content, I understand how corporate communications strategies complement marketing activities. I’m adept at writing editorial content in an audience-driven, relatable, SEO- and reader-friendly manner so you can use my material in every communications aspect of a content marketing program.

I also have WordPress and other CMS skills, work regularly on project management platforms like Asana and with communications tools like Zoom or Slack to facilitate the content writing process.

Moreover, I maintain knowledge of current inbound marketing techniques. I’ve been using social media since 2008 (when I began coaching others on using the platforms). So, I’m able to write text scripts and messaging for social media posts. That way, you can promote the content I’ve written on social media in a way that helps it get traction.

However, in general, I only offer these social media content writing if I’m also writing content for your organization. Please feel free to ask for more details on that when we chat.


I still write for limited top trade publications and media outlets providing only service pieces related to the service sectors identified above. I also write HR and some travel lifestyle articles for upscale and wealth-focused audiences. If you’re an editor interested in my writing for your publication, please learn more about what I offer on the Media Outlets and Trade Media page and review my recent writing credits as well. 

I apply strict rules of journalism ethics and style to writing any pieces for bona fide news media and news-oriented blogs. Similarly, I employ current strategies and tactics to writing editorial content for blogs and businesses.


I’m a professional corporate communicator who routinely writes bylined news and editorial content for a variety of publications, blogs, and brands. I write and create messaging strategy that conveys information in an understandable and motivating manner.

As a business professional with expertise in communications, I’m bilingual: I speak both “marketing” and “messaging.” I recognize content communications must support you in achieving your strategic business goals as well as your editorial or content marketing objectives.

So, I make sure any messaging I create, regardless of the channel or platform it’s for, meets the business requirements of your news organization or brand. I am skilled in developing communications in my client’s distinctive “voice,” and I never write down to sophisticated reading your audience.

In addition to all forms of content writing, I am skilled at converting raw or draft content into readable shape to make the ideas of those who are not professional writers (like many financial advisors or executives) read well. That also ensures your written content fits into your communications strategy and resonates with your particular audience. Most importantly, as a strategic content writer with fluency in the language and essentials of business, I design this writing work to make you look like what you arean expert. 

The bottom line is simple: If it’s business communications, I can create the strategy for developing and transmitting it for your brand because I have probably done it many times for other clients. I bring my savvy in overall corporate communications strategy to working collaboratively with you to help you make your messaging shine.

Work With Me

I would love to learn about your project and if we’re a well-suited to work together. Please review resume to find out more about how my strategic content writing services can fit seamlessly into your overall content marketing plan. 

Also, it’s important to understand what I don’t offer to prevent misunderstandings when we talk and make the best use of both of our time. So, please visit that page, too.

Then, if you believe I’m a fit for your project or organization’s writing needs, let’s chat today. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”

I look forward to hearing from you about your project and, potentially working with you.