I offer content communications strategy related to and write primarily about finance and wealth management for upscale, wealth-oriented readers. I also contribute to the development of communications strategy for wealth industry professionals like financial advisors and asset managers.

I bring these audiences expert advice on how they can generate, invest, save, protect and enjoy their wealth—whether it’s their wealth they’re managing,  that of a client or growing the wealth of their own business. I can help you create excellent content experiences specifically for those sophisticated, discerning readers that keep them returning to you for more.

A Communicator Undaunted by Business Finance

My background includes writing about financial and legal aspects of corporate bankruptcy as well as the related corporate structure, turnarounds, and restructuring financing. I’ve written about investment industry product rollouts like CDARS and smart-beta alternative investments. In the process, I interviewed wealth industry executives and professionals including stock and institutional finance analysts and personal finance and wealth development experts.

I’ve helped clients at all levels focusing on communications strategy understand how essential knowledge about these areas is to wealth industry communications success. I specialize in messaging that makes these subjects less complicated for readers who may be daunted by numbers even if they hold Ph.Ds or law degrees.

I’m comfortable discussing everything from income statements to balance sheets, quarterly revenues to annual budgets, forex to ETFs, ESG to SRI. It’s those skills I still apply to my corporate communications strategy and writing today.

Exceptional Mix of Mission Critical Messaging Expertise

While I specialize in writing and communications strategy for the US finance and wealth industry, I am starting to write about Canadian, European, and Australian finance, too. I offer content my creation services to respected or prestigious brands primarily in the financial services or wealth industry for English-speaking clients. I maintain domain expertise in specific niches in that sector.

Dahna has extensive experience writing content for the financial services industry. She spends time understanding the customer and was able to craft key messaging that did a great job delivering messaging that predominantly focused on what the user would like to read. She is passionate about the projects she works on and a thorough professional. Radhika Rao, Banking Consulting Services Client

I can provide strategic content writing and content communications assistance for content related to commercial and personal finance with a focus on business and consumer lending; personal finance and wealth management; private and investment banking; asset management, and socially responsible alternative investment firms.

With my background in insurance, I write with ease about business property and casualty insurance for major insurance carriers and related industry associations or consulting firms. 

Your writing is solid, your journalism is excellent and your instincts are great. Gina Pogol, Editor, The Mortgage Reports

My passion for writing about commercial and residential real estate and real estate investment is evident in my content in that niche.

I have a zeal for creating messaging that facilitates SMB and enterprise-level business operations and development.

Additionally, I write service pieces about travel, health, and lifestyle for content marketing platforms and top national media outlets.

As I do with actual journalism work, much what I write for non-media enterprises is well-researched, well-structured, well-sourced, SEO-friendly, engaging editorial content in my primary niches.

I also help develop digital corporate communications strategies that support other content producers in reaching your business objectives with exceptional messaging.

Let’s Work Together

I look forward to discussing your needs in digital corporate communications or strategic content writing. So, let’s get started with a complimentary, no obligation 15-minute introductory call. Contact me to schedule yours today.