Diversity. It used to be so black and white. You added more people who physically appeared different and you did so in numbers enough to silence potential critics. Then, you moved on to the next business objective. But that’s no longer the caseit’s no longer enough. Internally and externally, stakeholders expect this change imperative to be your priority.

Today, leaders must pursue equitable diversity and inclusion, incorporate across the enterprise and communicate its permanence. It’s no longer enough to say “we’re trying; it’s vital to be “doing” like you would any other initiatives that affect the bottom line.

Whether it’s thought leadership or daily communications on this critical business mandate, it’s essential to create and disseminate this messaging with sensitivity and honesty. As someone who grew up in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement, desegregation and changing narratives, I provide exceptional communications guidance as you commit to authentic integration.

Learn more about how I  can partner with your leadership to develop equitable diversity and inclusion communications strategies that support your business imperatives while making you a top-ranked employer.

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