Dahna Chandler is an experienced financial writer who won an award for that writing.

What You Want

If yours is like most high-growth or established mid-size or large financial services brands, you have an established marketing department. Sometimes, it’s an extensive one engaging separate marketing functions across multiple locations and staffed by a team of savvy marketing experts.

Your organization probably already has a formal content marketing strategy that it has been executing for some time, too. Therefore, you’re primarily looking to contract with the right corporate communications writers, particularly journalists experienced in writing content for the financial services industry, to provide you with strategic content writing services.

Since writing is a critical aspect of content marketing programs, it’s important to you to choose the right strategic content writing consultant for your needs. You want a professional who can integrate rapidly into the team and work seamlessly with your financial services brand. You need a communications professional who understands content marketing strategy, so your content helps you achieve your overarching goals and tactical objectives.

That’s where my strategic content writing services benefit your thriving financial services enterprise.

How My Targeted Background Fits Your Needs

I’m an award-winning journalist who has written online content for as long as I’ve been practicing journalism, at least 20 years. I’ve been writing business and finance content for nearly two decades and, frankly, I’m in my element when I’m writing this content or these stories for publications.

Moreover, early in my career, I developed a facility and passion for strategic communications. Around the time I started working as a digital journalist, I began advising businesses of all sizes in the financial services and real estate sectors on how to successfully conduct audience-focused messaging campaigns.

I maintain domain expertise in financial communications and capital markets focusing on the wealth industry. I work with brands targeting affluent and wealthy audiences with messaging related to personal and institutional finance and investing as well as residential real estate and REI. I also have expertise in writing about and communications marketing connected to liability insurance; commercial banking and credit union operations; business development and operations; business culture transformation and change management; and business leadership. 

I’ve written content for websites, financial brand blogs, social media and engagement-generation campaigns. I specialize in the long-form material that is most useful in content communications strategies today but can write short-form content, too. 

I work with your financial brand to create content that connects with your stakeholders, compels them to think of your financial services firm first and facilitates your converting those stakeholders into potential clients. That means I can write content for all phases of the buyer’s journey.

I’ve written content for financial services brands including LendingTree.com, Raymond James, Chase, Barclays, New York Life, MetLife, and Traveler’s Insurance. I’ve written commercial finance content CreditUnions.com as well as business tax content for Avalara, business operations content for New York Life, Traveler’s, and VOCUS (Australia), commercial and residential real estate content for JLL, CORT Furniture Rental, and Trulia. I have ghostwritten posts banking industry consulting blogs. I am contributor to Northern Trust’s FlexShares ETFs blog (and have done extensive research and case study writing in the wealth industry for classes at Georgetown where I’ve earned straight A grades).

I’ve also written significant editorial, personal finance content for TrustedChoice.com, where I’ve also acted as a strategic content writing consultant creating templates for other writers to use to write content for a major insurance marketing campaign. I’ve written regularly for The Mortgage Reports since this aspect of the banking industry is one about which I get most excited about writing content.

Laser-Focused on Excellence

In addition to being a straight-A student in my graduate program at Georgetown, I won an award for an article I wrote for a major magazine about the small business bankruptcy of a controversial media industry figure.* For that piece, I spent months researching and analyzing pages of corporate insolvency and financial records.

I also interviewed multiple industry professionals including regulatory officials, state attorneys general, industry analysts and leaders as well as forensic accountants, corporate turnaround consultants and commercial attorneys in bankruptcy, tax, and business operations. I bring all of those skills to my writing today.

Services I Offer Financial Services Brands

As a respected wealth industry or financial services brand, you want a digital communications advisor or strategic content writing consultant who can expertly communicate your unique brand value to your target audience. This content messaging should tell your readers how solutions like yours solve their unique challenges, not be a sales pitch.

I offer the following digital communications strategic and strategic content writing services to wealth industry and financial services brands. They’re meant to help keep your institution top-of-mind with your upscale, wealth-focused audiences while furthering your overall business goals:

  • Website copywriting
  • Executive bios
  • Blog post or other editorial content writing
  • Email marketing campaign writing
  • Content for RFIs, proposals, and annual reports
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
  • Thought leader ghostwriting and op-ed writing
  • White papers, case studies, and ebooks
  • Newsletter and custom publication content

My strategic communications planning services for wealth industry brands include:

  • Internal Communications
  • Cultural Transformation and Change Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG Communications
  • Digital Communications

I can be involved with your communications marketing team on communications audits, short and long-range strategic planning or overseeing the effective execution of those strategies.

My Quality Content Facilitates Financial Brand Building

As a financial brand content marketing professional, you’re keenly aware content writing doesn’t close sales directly. You know, too, its effectiveness in supporting lead-generation campaigns depends on the strength of your overall content marketing strategy as well as your financial brand’s sales team. 

What the content I write for your financial service enterprise can do is facilitate brand building. I support your brand in achieving that goal by creating content that speaks to your audience in your financial brand’s voice. I write content that provides them with the immediately useful, informative, shareable and exciting content they expect from all brands today.

I’ll also integrate my social media marketing and branding expertise into the services I provide to write content that does well in search. I aim to help make your financial brand the first clients consider when they need the financial products and services you offer.

Similarly, all the content I write is not only of highest professional quality; it is unique to your brand. It’s meant to drive targeted traffic to your digital properties and can raise your financial brand’s online authority.

It can help convert those readers into the right leads with whom you can close business. As importantly, the content I write for you becomes part of the positive experience your audience has with your brand and can inspire brand trust and loyalty.

Commitment to Socially Responsibility Consulting

While social advocacy communications work is not part of what I offer through Thrive Content, I’m committed to global economic sustainability and prosperity as well as diversity, inclusion, and fairness.

Therefore, I offer my services to the wealth industry brands most committed to integrating into their daily operations positive ESG—environmental, social and governance/public policy principles—and commit deliberately to policies and practices outlined by organizations like the United Nations’ Principles of Responsible Investing or ascribed to by the World Economic Forum.

I have and will continue to decline to work with those who are not, except in cases where it’s clear they are engaged in a cultural transformation that will rectify past practices. That process will have been ongoing and not related to launching merely “checkbox” initiatives in response to public outcry, activist shareholder or government agency pressure.

How to Work With Me

I want to support your wealth industry or financial services brand in building on its content communications success with my messaging expertise. Please review my recent copywriting and content writing credits and resume and reach out to me about your strategic content commmunications projects. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”

I look forward to working with your content marketing team to help your financial brand provide excellent content experiences for your target audiences.

(*While I’m proud of this accomplishment, where I write similar content, it is for a different brand and entity I own. It also focuses on only individuals or small groups operating privately-held small businesses whose behavior is broadly egregious on its own or part of a pattern of similar entrepreneurs that harms so-called marginalized groups but whose acts otherwise get ignored. It’s written to help those harmed navigate systems they’re forced to confront while defending their economic rights. As someone who advocates for sustainable global wealth, I believe this is important work. But, I have no interest in writing similar stories about large private enterprises, multinationals or publicly-held companies. There are plenty of journalists doing that job and I’ve never found it interesting work. I just decline engagement offers from those enterprises whose environmental, social or corporate governance practices are inconsistent with my ethics or clearly violate the UN’s PRI principals even if they are not signatories.)

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