Omega Performance: Informing Bankers About Credit Risk Mitigation Training Value

Business Challenge

Omega Performance needed to raise awareness of the value of its corporate training in credit risk mitigation for bankers within its established large bank clients. Some of those clients are global systemically important banks and many either domestic or regional systemically important banks. Deemed systemically important to the financial services industry by regulators, these “too big to fail” institutions receive careful supervision by multiple regulatory agencies for risk tolerance and stringent adherence to risk mitigation policies guided by federal agency governance standards.

To prevent the global fallout that occurred during the Great Recession, both the consumer and business public and agency officials demanded U.S. banks create a risk mitigation culture and engage in earnest, bank-wide ongoing training for personnel at every level of the institution.

The 20-year-old consultancy was challenged to reach human resources and training leaders as well as c-suite decision makers with its offerings in this area.


Recognizing the brand’s need to reach internal communicators at banks at all levels as well as principal client-facing managers and employees, I pitched this strategy to the firm’s then global marketing manager. I collaborated with her to develop a series of robust, well-researched blog posts that targeted specific bank internal audiences.

While the focus was on generating awareness of the value of credit risk management training for banks general, the posts covered internal communications, human resource management, cross-functional collaboration, change management, cultural reorganization, c-suite leadership, and personnel development.

As importantly, the posts spoke the language of industry professionals in the financial institution risk mitigation community by addressing pain points related broader areas of bank regulation management, including routine compliance requests and risk tolerance stress testing. These two enormous pressures banks face often overshadow the importance of ongoing training to make them less distressing.

The content I delivered as part of the strategy I introduced, provided essential insights to key bank leadership on the benefits of investing long-term in credit risk mitigation training as part of their standard bank operations.


External audiences received the content well. It was widely read and highly shared. Most important to me, my client contact, the executive who brought me in to do the work, was thrilled with my performance. In her own words:

Dahna has extensive experience writing content for the financial services industry. She spends time understanding the customer and was able to craft key messaging that did a great job delivering messaging that predominantly focused on what the user would like to read. She is passionate about the projects she works on and a thorough professional. Radhika Rao, Banking Consulting Services Client

Here are several posts I produced as part of this content communications plan I created and executed for the client.

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