Services Provided by Dahna M. Chandler for Thriving Small Businesses

What Your Business Needs

Like every thriving small or mid-size wealth management firm, you’re a high growth or established small or midsize enterprise (SME) focused on growing your business to the next revenue level. You didn’t get where you are by luck; marketing helped. So, you know expert marketing services, particularly strategic content writing, can help you achieve that goal. You’re looking to contract with an expert content writer to make that happen.

But, you want to know they can work with a business like yours since you neither have the time or patience to take chances on someone who can’t. Just like you choose your clients wisely, you select your consultants carefully. Both decisions influence how your business grows, right? I understand because I operate similarly, and I only offer my strategic content writing services to carefully selected small companies.

With Whom I Work Best

While all companies could benefit from robust strategic content writing consulting services like mine, I only work with SMEs with which I can achieve the best outcomes. I work best with thriving small companies. Those companies are high growth or established firms that serve the specific service industries. Such organizations have been operating for at least five years and have a formal growth plan with marketing objectives.

Your business has a full-service marketing consultant or has employed a marketing manager who oversees your marketing strategy. They are looking strategic marketing writing support like mine to help implement that aspect of your plan.

I’m most passionate about, therefore most successful at, working with thriving SMEs in specific business sectors. That includes:

  • Commercial real estate brokers and investors who market to highly profitable or affluent buyers and tenants
  • Insurance brokers who specialize in commercial property lines
  • Residential real estate brokers who specialize in affluent buyers
  • Travel industry firms who target wealthier consumers
  • Other business development consultants whose clients are wealthy professionals

I benefit your type of enterprise most because you usually have experience working with business consultants like me. You know how important it is to partner with us to build a business relationship that is mutually profitable.

Lasting Results Require Long-Term Commitment

You also know marketing takes time to show results and are willing to be patient and invest that time in the process until it achieves the outcomes you want. You’re not looking for overnight marketing miracles or for someone to save your business with content marketing. You are looking for strategic content writing expertise to help you achieve more success than you already have.

Moreover, you not only know you need a skilled strategic content writing consultant like me, but you can also and are willing to invest in my expert services. And, you’ll do so just the way you expect your clients to invest in your servicesconsistent with their value in the marketplace. 

If that describes you, you’ll want to keep reading.

What I Services Offer You

As an expert in your business with a granular understanding of what you provide your ideal client, you want a strategic content writing consultant who can convey that expertise to your target audience.

I’m an award-winning entrepreneur and journalist with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, business development, business coaching, training, and writing. I offer the following services to growth-stage and established small companies to help them excel further:

  • Content writing strategy
  • Website copywriting
  • Blog post and other editorial content writing
  • Email marketing campaign writing
  • Content for RFIs, proposals, and annual reports
  • Ghostwriting and op-ed writing
  • White papers and case studies
  • Newsletter and custom publication content
  • Social media content writing
  • Press content writing

Moreover, I understand content marketing well and know many companies want writers who also can offer strategy. I can provide those services to supplement your existing client content marketing plans, so my writing integrates better into them. But, my passion is delivering the best strategic content writing to your SME, not just participating in creating or executing full-scale content marketing plans.

Not only do I incorporate my content marketing knowledge into the writing I do, but my high-level understanding of the content marketing process also makes it easier for you or your full-service, integrated marketing professionals to convey your needs to me to get the best work product from me.

If you need the assistance of strategic content writing consultant with content marketing skills to help you with your SME’s targeted content writing work, please reach out to me about my services.

My Quality Content Builds Your Brand

The high-authority, high-quality, lead-generating content I write is not like that available from lower-quality (and cost) content mills or bidding sites. Such poor-quality content only gives your readers and customers reason to question your brand value and your business competence.

But, it also gets your website and other online marketing properties penalized and, in some cases, de-indexed from Google and other search engines. By understanding today’s “digital first” marketing world, I write content to attract your target audience to your offerings.

I’ll integrate my social media marketing and branding expertise into those services to make sure your audience finds you online. My goal is to contribute to making your brand the first clients consider when they need your services.

Original Content Increases Brand Authority

All the content I write is not only of the highest professional quality; it is unique to you and your business. It speaks to your readers in your distinct brand voice. It drives targeted traffic to your website and raises your online authority. It converts that audience into the right leads with whom you can close business. 

I don’t provide the is not the “us too” content that is available from either template website and content providers to some industries, low-cost contractors on most bidding sites or other less-qualified writers. That material has the oppositeadverse results from unique, brand-building content. Poor content will send your target audience to competitor’s website where they have a better content experience and become their client.

So, because you expect current and prospective clients invest significantly in your products and services, they expect you to do the same when it comes to presenting them informative, useful editorial content. And, they can tell when you have not.

That can harm your credibility and their trust in your brand. But, by hiring a robust strategic content writing talent like me, you can avoid alienating your target audience with poor content. And, by raising your brand profile, the return on investment can be significant. 

Work with Me

I want to help you succeed in your content marketing and build on your success. Please review my recent copywriting and content writing credits and resume and contact me about your strategic content writing consulting project. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”

If you’re a high growth or established SME looking for editorial content writing services that help you propel growth, I look forward to partnering with you to help your business provide excellent content marketing experiences for your target audience and grow to the next revenue level.