FlexShares ETFs Wealth Advisors Get Valuable Practice Development Content

Business Challenge

FlexShares ETFs by Northern Trust maintains a commitment to supporting its ETF investors and wealth advisors with exceptional educational tools and resources. One method of engaging its ETF providing wealth managers is to provide guidance on maximizing their decision to offer FlexShares ETFs to the clients whose wealth they help build and manage assets and wealth.

FlexShares did not want to use a thinly veiled sales pitch that appeared merely to encourage financial advisors to offer Northern Trust’s FlexShares ETFs. The brand seeks to avail them of extensive research its ETF portfolio development team uses to undergird construction of its unique and acclaimed ETFs.

The FlexShares division of the esteemed 129-year-old bank engaged my services—along with a team of other writers and content strategists—through a top content marketing platform to help enhance and execute its strategy.


My passion for wealth-building and business development goes back to childhood watching family members and close family friends build wealth by building businesses or engaging in lucrative careers. I’ve worked as a business development consultant for much of my career. I recognize that wealth advisors serving their clients with FlexShares solutions have the same objectives most businesses do.

They desire to build and maintain a prosperous practice that generates wealth for them and their families by providing a higher level of value to their clients than the fees they charge.

To serve FlexShares ETFs as a client, I decided to apply my long-time industry experience and the keen understanding of the needs of wealthy investors I have to my content development work with the brand. To do that, I focused on foundational business development principles represented in the detailed brand pillars the Northern Trust FlexShares ETFs marketing team offered.

Accordingly, I’ve pitched, developed and strategically produced blog and white paper content that provides essential business development strategies. From behavioral finance and economics to understanding and engaging multiple generations of investors, central to each post is tactics for building the crucial aspects of client relationships that aid wealth advisors in maintaining affluent and wealthy investor clients.


By maximizing my unique talents of as a strategic content writer and content communications strategist, FlexShares ETFs is building a customized library of business development and client relations content. Accordingly, the brand is accelerating its own growth by seeding that of its FlexShares ETFs wealth advisor partners.

This content is evidence of the method of building exceptional products and services Northern Trust has always used to serve its clients and partners well—bringing in the best minds available regardless of external identity to help. Here is some of the content I worked with the brand to produce that’s meant to help it remain an industry leader.

Working With Me

If your financial services or wealth management industry brand requires similar content communications strategic assistance and it operates with a corporate mindset similar to FlexShares, I invite you to contact me so we can discuss your custom project.

I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”