Experienceand Uniqueness—Count

As a busy professional working on multiple projects, it’s important to you to work with strategic content writing contractors or independent journalists who can make your job easier. They should be both highly experienced and knowledgeable about what clients like you need. They should help you fill the skills gap many firms experience when it comes to content marketing writers by being a storyteller with overall corporate communications and content marketing strategy expertise. 

My clients will tell you I’m that writer. Some call me a unicorn–a  communications professional with a unique and often rare combination of skills and personality traits who delivers excellently at all times.

I focus on combining my passion for content strategy, business development, branding and writing with helping you meet your specific marketing goals or editorial objectives. I provide strategic content writing services based on your overall editorial or content marketing strategy to write compelling, audience-focused content that converts. 

Whether you are a commercial enterprise, marketing or editorial agency providing services to specific clients, or a media outlet or trade publication targeting savvy readers, you need a strategic content writer or journalist like me who are recognized by their clients for doing this work well.

I partner with your organization or publication as if I have as much stake in your achieving success with your content marketing or writing as you do. Indeed, I do. I am not successful if your content doesn’t reach the right audiences; if it doesn’t tell the stories, you want to share while connecting with your audience the way they want.

My Content Writing Expertise Targets Specific Domains

Because the communications advisors and strategic content writers don’t try to offer services to every business vertical or on every subject, I don’t either. I maintain domain expertise in the finance, particularly in the wealth industry, and focus on topics within these much larger themes. It is to those I can bring my best efforts and most benefit your enterprises with excellent strategic content writing.

These are niches where I’m an established writer and have significant strategic corporate communications experience. While I can write print content, my specialty is digital communications. I bring over 20 years of expertise to them as well as sustained passion and interest to projects involving them. They include:

  • Commercial Finance: mortgage financing to REIs, credit union business, institutional investing and asset management and related regulatory issues.
  • Wealth Management: personal finance, credit, borrowing, income tax, education funding, saving money, investing, wealth growth and management, and consumer protection. 
  • Business Property and Casualty Insurance: SMB property and casualty coverage, disaster planning, legal issues facing unprotected businesses and how-to content related to property and casualty products. 
  • Residential Real Estate: primary residence and investment real estate buying and selling as well as renovations.
  • Business Operations and Development: SMB marketing, customer service, taxes, business credit, legal and regulatory issues affecting SMBs as well as management and leadership. 
  • Corporate Communications: Internal communications, employee experience (engagement), business culture transformation and change management, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility (CSR), post-crisis corporate reputation restoration, stakeholder relations, and non-financial investor relations communications (though I understand and can do financial IR related to preparing financial reports).

I also write about HR as well as travel and limited lifestyle content targeting the truly affluent. Like any project I choose, I do this work for select national media outlets, and high-growth and established content marketing platforms or full-service digital marketing or communications agencies.

While most of my writing is editorial content in which I use the same skills and writing strategies I do as a journalist, I’m a “Domestic Deal Seeker” so I do offer marketing copywriting services to the upscale hotel and vacation rental industry.

Complementary Solutions To Accelerate Your Content Marketing Objectives

It takes more than strong writing to advance your content marketing goals. You will need other contenComplementary Solutions That Accelerate Your Content Marketing Objiectivest elements to complement your editorial content as well as robust communications marketing strategies to enhance the engagement that can increase profitability. To meet your brand’s communications objectives, I can help you develop a plan for creating those vital additional messaging tools.

I can provide following corresponding solutions which, together with my strategic content writing, represent the most efficient path to reaching your ultimate content marketing aims.


Publishing and Distributing High-Quality Content

As you already know, strategically constructed (and distributed) digital content can build awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for your brand. I can help you develop or improve your core messaging strategy for editorial content. Then, I will strategically write audience-focused blog, website, white paper, case study, and other messaging.

We would collaborate to integrate each messaging deliverable into your content marketing calendar to establish a consistent publishing schedule. Additionally, I would place similar focus and detail on assisting your communications marketing team in creating a custom distribution plan for each piece of content. We can work together to construct the right combination of reach strategies depending on the purpose of the material, its audience, and your industry.

Help Developing Compelling Visual Content

This form of communications is central to engaging your audience and driving their interest in your brand. The right visual or graphic elements complement written content and increase the authority of, interest in and engagement with your marketing or editorial message. I would help you determine what visual elements would best enhance your written content and, if required, work with your design team to create that visual communications tool.

We would integrate that visual content into your content marketing strategy with the same focus on strategic distribution across the social web or offline as we do with its corresponding written content.

Enhancing Engagement Generation with Long-Form Content

High-value, deep-dive content is crucial to any effective content marketing plan. Your brand creates this informational material to educate or solve a critical problem for prospective clients. You provide this in-depth business tool—like a white paper, case study, e-book, email course or email newsletter—in exchange for their email address.

Once you got that email address, you would add that prospect to an ongoing a lead nurturing campaign and provide them additional content based on their needs. I can create this kind of material based on your content marketing plan requirements as well as other content for your drip campaigns. We would determine the nature of the editorial content I would create based on your firm’s core competencies, preferences, and long-term goals and objectives.

Correlating Key Website Messaging with Your Communications Objectives

Editorial content only succeeds when your website’s message corresponds to that content. I Correlating Key Website Copy with Your Communications Objectivescan evaluate all of your site copy and content to determine if it synchronizes with your overall content marketing strategy.

My evaluation can include all of your site’s content or the pages most fundamental to your immediate content marketing plans. Then, I can give clear suggestions on optimizing copy, content, layout, and branding for increased conversion tied to specific engagement or actions by site visitors.

Then, to achieve the measurable objectives you have developed, I can work with you to create or revise the following tools:

  • A unique content calendar to establish a foundation for producing, distributing, and regularly tracking the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts.
  • Data-driven, audience-building, engaging content based on my initial understanding or assessment of your company’s current target audience, audience size and engagement level and traffic patterns. We will establish benchmarks for each piece of editorial content and routinely track periodic performance.
  • Influencer and partner relationship-building strategies to target those people specifically for mutually beneficial purposes. Core to any robust editorial content distribution plan is developing these strong, lasting relationships with partners, influencers, and publications. We can work together to benefit their existing audiences with exceptional content experiences delivered by your brand. Efficiently doing that will help you grow your brand with these stakeholders as well as your value to these influencers and partners.

My Mission is a Successful Collaboration

As you can see, I am not merely a content writer; I am an experienced communications consultant. My primary solution focuses on editorial content writing that integrates well with your content marketing plan. I provide related strategic services to ensure that happens. However, I prefer not to offer these solutions apart from my editorial content writing.

For those wishing to engage me to write, it’s important to understand I work best with organizations pursuing a robust content marketing strategy or brand journalism plan. I can help you determine what messaging strategies to use to connect to, compel and convert your target audience into loyal brand advocates. Then, because you’ll need additional compelling content to build and retain those loyalists, I can help with that, too.

My primary objective is to provide you with high-value content communications assistance primarily related to strategic content writing services. But, it’s important to know what I don’t offer, too. Then, we’ll both be aware of what to expect before having our consultation. Please review this information, especially if you’re a bootstrapping startup, early-stage publication or blog or one that uses unpaid content to build its brand.

Then, please consider my recent writing credits to see what I can write for you and my resume to learn about my background. Get an overview of my services or visit the services page specific to your industry or business to find out how my strategic content writing services can fit expertly into your particular organization’s content marketing plan.

Getting Started with Me

Once you’ve reviewed my background and services, if you believe I’m a fit for your project and organization’s writing needs, contact me today and let’s talk about your work.

I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting The Thrive Business Engagement Process. I look forward to hearing from you about your project and, perhaps working together.