Excellent large

My goal always is to create both a work product and client experience that is excellent. That means, in most cases, you can expect a positive, enthusiastic, usually cheery attitude from me because I also like to make working together fun, stimulating, and productive. As importantly, you can expect clean copy from me that, usually, you can post or publish with little editing.

I’m expert at writing in the brand voice. So, you also can expect me to write your content the way your prospective clients or readers would hear the words coming directly from your organizations’ people on the phone or in person.

You can expect content that conveys both your unique offerings and brand identity while meeting your content marketing goals.

Moreover, to compete in a noisy marketing, information-overloaded, digital environment, you can expect content that’s not “salesy” and that maintains your audience’s interest. And, even if I’m writing sales copy, the copy I will provide you always is focused on giving the target audience what it needs, wants and expects while meeting your brand or editorial standards.

Finally, if you require guidance about writing, visual content development, or other aspects of your content marketing strategy and they are part of our scope of work, I will deliver it with the professionalism you expect. I will tactfully but honestly tell you what I know works and what I know does not.

Most importantly, you can expect to get what you invest your organization’s resources in me to receive. And, isn’t that what you want most?

Please review my recent writing credits and resume to learn more about me and discover how my strategic content writing services can meet your organization’s or publication’s needs. Then, if I’m the kind of content writer you’d like to integrate into your remote team of writers, please contact me today. I offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory phone call about which you can learn by visiting “The Thrive Business Engagement Process.”

I’m confident I can help you excel with your content marketing plan or reaching your exceptional audience with my writing services. And, my goal is to do it in a manner that meets your high expectations.